Coming Soon: SEPT 10-13 at the JW Marriott in Palm Desert, CA

Countdown: Sales Mastery 2014

Twenty one years ago, Todd Duncan hosted the first SALES MASTERY event in an effort to change the mortgage origination industry by teaching the powerful truths of a balanced approach to business. He knew then that the ability to balance commitments, manage time and build relationships — all while maintaining a high quality of life — are the cornerstones of creating sustainable success.

Having changed the lives and cultures of countless individuals and corporations, Todd and Sales Mastery have never been more influential than they are today. While this year’s Sales Mastery event is a far larger event than Todd’s first effort, the vision has never wavered: Share high-trust strategies that quickly form high-trust relationships resulting in un-imagined and lasting success.

Join us this year in Palm Desert and spend three and a half days with today’s brightest industry heroes — keynote speakers, industry insiders, and panelists — all of whom will deliver well-honed, proven strategies designed to address and overcome personal challenges in life and business.

SALES MASTERY will help you build greater success in the SHORT TERM while equipping you to build trustworthy relationships that create success in the LONG TERM.


Confidence matters - the more of it you have the easier it is to take action!